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Talkback: My garden shed

If you do discover old gardening 'goodies', including seed packets, tools and packets of other products then don't be too quick throwing them away. They could have historic value, and would be worth mentioning to the Museum of Garden History (Tel: 0207 401 8865) who collect items like this.


  • a little trick I have been using for many years and one I am sure our older readers know about,to save space in your shed if you save things in jars instead of standing them on your shelves taking up space and getting knocked off screw the lids to the underside of the shelves and let the jars hang down.
  • I've just tidied my shed out ready for the Spring Rush! But what do you do with the dying and dead, soggy and unreadable packets of ??RosePlus, Chesunt compound (so rusty i can't get the lid off) and a real nasty left by the previous owners, PathClear (?) well it's Path something anyway and some Sodium Chloride said to get rid of all weeds between the paving on my Patio, but I got cold feet and decided I would rather not, I'll just use the expensive kitchen knife I used last year - well it's no good in the kitchen now is it?
  • Adam, I run a shed empire from mine! Would you like to share your shed with our sheddies? on readersheds
  • My allotment shed is the centre of activity. I have a bench outside it and fellow plot-holders comes over and have a cup of tea (which I brew on my camping stove) and sit and discuss our respective plots. Plus I store all my tools, seeds, etc.
  • Every keen gardener needs a shed!!!
  • [...] My garden shed Gardeners 39 musings Gardening Blog Talk BBC Posted by root 1 day 23 minutes ago ( Link to comment report comment if i was able to get in my shed i might be able to access planter buy a gardeners 39 world slipcase for 6 99 returned to the bbc for the benefit of the licence fee payer powered by wordpress com Discuss  |  Bury |  News | my garden shed gardeners 39 musings gardening blog talk bbc [...]
  • Adam, these days my shed looks more like an overstuffed closet! Just started a new blog on sheds. If you don't mind, its
  • A while back GW did a feature on unusual sheds and there were some grandparents featured who had built a post office and tudor house in their garden for their grandchildren- I've bee trying to find the images of these "sheds" on the internet but cannot find them, does anyone have any ideas on how to search for them????
  • My shed isn't a disgrace, it's a catastrophe! I have the habit of discarding pots and trays to one side with the intention of 'washing them tomorrow'. Yeah. I don't have a greenhouse any more so I am spared that job. Well, when it gets warmer.....
  • If I was able to get in my shed I might be able to access all sorts of treasures. As it is I am unable to get past the wormery that my husband has jammed in there for the winter! In fairness to him I did say that after killing two lots of worms by drowning the first and then overdosing the second on curly kale, a third wormicide and the wormery was out.

    I believe there are at least two barbecues in there, various rakes for a lawn that disappeared years ago, some rather nice pots, a large colony of small spiders and a small colony of large ones. If I could get in there I might even find my husbands expensive, sharp, kitchen knife which I 'accidentally' used for dissecting some sempervivums last year.

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