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Talkback: Apple trees

Very interesting to read about Applejack. My cousin came back from a trip to Canada and froze a large flagon of cyder to see if it worked. It did all right but with disappointingly small results! Friends and family were only allowed to sample it by the teaspoonful!


  • It was interesting to read about this chap, only wish I could get my apple trees to fruit whether they tasted sweet or sour some fruit would be nice.
  • Yes, I've heard the story of Johnny Appleseed. I think the scruffy frontiersman drinking cider is nearer the truth than the Disney version though! It's a cheap way to get an orchard if you're patient!
  • My new Holly tree planted in November has been blown by the wind and because of the wet weather I am worried that it will not survive, as I went in to tie it up and my feet in wellingtons sank into the very very soggy soil. Also my fuchias I have left in pots and think it will be too late to rescue them by taking them out and then where do I put them everywhere is so wet.
  • Could this be the name of the 30ft apple tree I have in my garden with cooking size apples, which have reddish pink flesh?
  • Hi. Many thanks for your posting today, I've had a really bad day and it made me smile.
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