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Sweet Peas

I sowed my Sweet Peas (White) last October in the kitchen on wet  kitchen paper towel, and when they cracked open I sowed them in loo rolls stuffed with compost and set in trays, .Now the are 18" tall bedded in the Greenhuse, which is unheated and are tied  onto  bamboo poles ,loosely ted,I am really looking forward to their flowering, I have planted them in memory of my eldest son, who died in Sepember 2014, so they r special.....x


  • TesniTesni Posts: 163

    So sorry to hear about your son, I can see why they're so special.  It sounds as if they are growing nicely.

    I sowed some a few weeks ago for the first time, planted them outside today - they're very small though.

  • frensclanfrensclan Posts: 119

    I was unable to sow mine at the end of last year as usual and in this part of the country, way up north, it is far to cold to plant out until at least May. I am going to put some seeds in in about a week as if I sow them any earlier they get too big in the cold frame to protect from the frosts. Good luck with your white ones I had some last year and they are really stunning.

  • Thank you, here is a picture taken yesterday of them... sorry thought we could put pictures up, but I can't see how.. mine are and have not left , and will remain in the greenhouse I don't grow them outside, the wind off the sea is sometimes too strong.. (2miles away) .although if I had a sheltered spot I would plant some out in May...VR


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