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chocolate plant

AvaAva Posts: 8

Has anyone had the lovely cosmos chocolate plant that has survived over winter?

Is it best to keep it in a pot and bring it indoors over winter?  Any tips pleaseimage

thanks all


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    This came up not long ago-click on this link for the answers



  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    Am in Nwest & cant keep it in the ground. So I now grow it in a large patio pot each yr.

    By the end of October for me, I cut it back, cant bear to risk losing it to frost, wrap the pot & put it, still in its' pot, first into either a coldframe or the unheated greenhouse- to allow it to almost dry off. Then I cover it with a fleece 'hat' & put it into a half-glazed porch. I have kept it in the greenhouse with extra fleece covers in the past.

    Come spring I remove the tuber, check it's ok & start it off along with my dahlias on a window sill in the house.

    This way I have kept this tuber going for several yrs. J.

  • Hi Ava,

    Yes bring in your chocolate plant indoors into a cool well lit room till danger of frost has passed, best do it now! image

  • AvaAva Posts: 8

    Thanks - I have brought it inside in it's pot and cut it back.  New shoots are starting so I am watering and treating as an indoor plant until Spring.  I hope this works!!image

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