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I have around 30 dianthus plants from the scent first collection, they were planted out at the beginning of last season at the front of a long and wide border, I need to temporarily dig them up so I can turn over and add fresh soil and compost to build up the border as it has sunken quite a bit and get it ready for planting.

I have one of those portable greenhouses that I got from Aldi, I planned to just lay them on the shelves (not potted) until I had finished the digging. 

The only concern I have is that they are flowering and have been since last year (even during the winter) they are only small, maybe 8x8cm 

Will the plants be ok for a couple of days? 


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,252

    Better if you wrapped the roots in damp newspaper, if you cannot pot them up. No plant likes its roots drying out. Or put the roots in plastic bags and then cover so the roots are in the dark.

  • I have plenty of newspaper so will do that. Thanks Berghill.

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