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Hyacinth in vase - without soil

Hi, Growing hyacinth bulbs in vases ie without soil was discussed at a talk at my local centre a few weeks ago and I've hence just "planted" 3. I spotted in this months magazine that is says to grow in the dark for first 10-12 weeks and that afterwards the bulb is spent. I don't think that chap at the garden centre mentioned putting in the dark (I might have missed that bit!) so they are on my windowsill and he definitely said that the bulb could be planted in the garden afterwards. How important is the dark? They are already growing roots. And do you reckon the bulbs might be reusable outside next year? Thanks Noodle


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    The idea of growing in the dark- and it must be cool as well- is to get root development before the bud develops-then you give it light after the 10/12 week period

    If they are forced bulbs they seldom flower again indoors so plant outside-it may take a couple of years for it to build up to flower again properly

  • Cheers Sotongeoff. Off to find a box to put them in the pantry which is cool.

    Yep, they are forced but glad to know they may eventually produce something outside. It'll be a treat as I'll probably have forgotten about them by the time they flower!
  • if you start them in the dark they tend not to be so floppy and don't forget the charcoal in the water to keep it clear.keep them in  a cupboard your going to visit once in awhile.good luck.image

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Also, beware of them tilting over to one side too much and falling over. As Geoff says, they will grow normally outside if you give them a couple of years.

    Have fun!

  • Cheers for the tips, guys. I was told to put just a couple of drops of bleach in the water to keep it clear and that it wouldn't harm the bulb so ive done that. I assume charcoal does the same. Sounds more appropriate... image

    I've put a red hyacinth in a green vase - a more garish one for the Christmas table, and a pale pink in a clear vase and white in a blue vase - more elegant options for the lounge. That's if I remembered which bulb was which! Really looking forward to seeing them grow.
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