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A new bed. Yay!

Finally I have received the go ahead from kids and the OH for a bed! Woo Hoo! 
Heres my plan for high summer, the borders are pretty much done, but the central section is at present lawn, and that's what I'm digging out at the moment. I need height for the seating section (white steamers).  

Any advice on plants would be super! 





  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    Well the first place to start is what do you all like to eat?

    No good planting potatoes if none of you eat themimage 

  • CaralCaral Posts: 301

    The large green circle is a massive bramley in case anyone is wondering. image  I also omitted to add the trees and shrubs on the north facing side of the garden.

    But this is the new bed I'm hoping to create. 



  • CaralCaral Posts: 301

    Hehe! Fruitcake, although no veg in this bed. image  Although it would have to be peas! The children love picking peas, but the mice keep eating them.  I was going to use my raised veg bed for cut flowers this year, but with a new bed.... image Peas, runners, carrots and onions could be back on the cards. image  

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