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Privacy for new build garden



Hi all,

I just wanted to throw my rather baron overlooked garden into the melting pot..

I am very much looking to screen my garden in some way that prevents my garden from being overlooked whilst not eating into the space..

We are overlooked from the rear and to the right.

As you can see the garden has a funny angle which makes things a little difficult when planting. I do have some bamboo plants but I am a little weary about these now as they could be quite invasive.

The garden is slightly higher at the bottom of the garden and the soil is usual new build quality (like clay).

Sun wise the garden sees little sun in the winter (or a very small amount at the bottom of the garden) to full sun in the summer.


All comments welcome.

I thought about using Italian Cypress trees as they seem to not invade the garden but just not sure.





  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,433

    I have a similar garden on an estate with a 6ft fence and I have to say that I would not bother trying to make it private as I doubt anyone could see anything!

    When I look out of an upstairs window from my house I can see my garden well but I must say I would have great difficulty in seeing anything over the fence.My neighbour has regular barbecues and though I can hear voices and smell the food I never see anyone!

    As an experiment stand in your garden and see what you can of your neighbours gardens,you may actually be more private than you think.If you can't see them they probably can't see you!

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  • If you still want to fill in the gaps, go for something quick growing like Dog Rose, it'll twine quite happily up the fence supports. Or Honeysuckle. Either way, it'll help deaden the noise and the wildlife will thank you as well.

  • Lysander grows quick

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