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Any Ideas what this is?

MoscaMosca Posts: 3


 Lesson I learned here is always to photo the name plate when out and about. Would be very greatful if anyone can give this beauty a name.


  • Was it grown in a hot place?

    Was that in garden you visited? 

    Looks really nice not seen anything like that before. Nice picture

    Hampshire Gardener
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,869

    That's amazing. Do you think it's a bulb, a corm or a swollen root.

    Never seen anything like that

  • MoscaMosca Posts: 3

    Was taken at Wavehill a garden on the hudson just north of Manhattan still in NYC. I think nutcutlet has it there it looks like the "Boophone disticha" from the pic in the link above.

    Many thanks!

  • MoscaMosca Posts: 3

    Having said that the bulb colour looks more like the "Boophone haemanthoides"

    and thanks again!

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