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Try garlic water for a natural slug deterrent

2 cloves cut up and left in a jar of water over night, then spray this over your veg/fruit etc...

And I promise the slugs instantly move away from the garlic water.

Just make sure you re-spray after it has rained.



  • Thanks Moonbeam will definitely give it a goimage

  • Does it work for Hostas,I will try it this year,I'm fed up growing food for slugs.

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,613

    It sounds so easy I'll give it a go thanks for the advice.image

  • ClaireAClaireA Posts: 81

    Moonbean - how often do you spray it? I've used this before but not with great success, maybe I don't use it often enough, it's mainly for my hostas. Although used Nematods last year and were fab!

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    I don't know. Last year the slugs decimated my chives.  Tough old chives.  (In a way they did me a favour because new ones are coming through.)  But I put the chives there specifically because I didn't think the slugs like them.   I'd go out at night and they'd be covered.  (I've given up eating chives after that.)   If they like chives, they might like garlic too.

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