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Potted tree

Hello there. I have a Japenese maple in a 28" pot. I have had it since it was a seedling and have potted it on when necessary. Trouble is that it is so pot bound that the compost feels quite hard on top of the pot. I can't put it in the garden as I don't have room for it. Potting it on isnt possible as the pot would have to be enormous and expensive too. I am wondering if the tree has reached the end or is it ok to be so root bound. It dries out so quickly too. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • I  bet there is some one somewhere who would like to plant the tree in their garden.I would and I have done so before.Its a shame to waste it when its got a lot of life to go.

    you could put it by your gate with a sign "please give me a good home".on the plant of course.image

  • These trees are often grown as bonsai. If it is reasonably healthy, you could try tipping it out of the pot, root pruning and popping it back in the same pot... The top will probably need pruning or the roots will not be able to sustain the top growth.

    Pruning the top growth at his time of year is not such a good idea as it can stimulate tender shoots just before the cold weather. Wait till leaf drop or the early spring. Bonsais must not be over fed or they grow too fast so use a seed compost for best results.
  • Thanks guys for the advice. Some really helpful tips there. If I can't find it a home I will try the root and top growth pruning, but not until early spring.
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