Growing comicifugas

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I grow a couple of acteas......but they do not,produce enough flower spikes for me. Anyone growing these and getting loads of,flower spikes? If so, advice appreciated please. I provide good rich soil, shade and moisture and recommended varieties. Right now I have 4 or 5 spikes on one and 3 on another


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    I grow these too. My eldest plant always has, until this year & the 'b' slugs, had more flower spikes than a younger plant, so perhaps age of plant/size of clump is a reason? J.

  • Comicifugas sounds much more fun, will google to see what the plant is like as I have not heard of it. My garden has been over run with slugs and snails this season so I guess any plant with spires will be devoured in bud.


  • Have just looked, reminds me, a litle, of the ligularia that I have.

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    My Cimifuga hasn't flowered at all this year I will put it down to the weatherimage

    Pam LL x

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    WEnt to Harlow Carr last week and took this hoto as Actea/Cimifuga is on my wish list. The plants did not seem to have large clumps of flwers but there were a lot of plants. 

    Went to their garden centre as thought they would have some but alas no

    Photo not Brill but gives an idea.



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    Christopher, not sure of the varieties of mine.They are great plants for the Autumn- no staking needed! Try smelling them too.

    The burgundy leaved one is the youngest. It may be in a slightly too dry a spot, but shall keep a watch & ensure well mulched. Can always move it if it continues to struggle a bit. The big original one I definitely moved when the adjacent trees encroached & dried things out.

    That shot from Harlow Carr really shows what can be done when you have space & several plants.

    Am sure I got both of mine from RHS shows as small plants. So anybody going to Malvern this next week may find them. Otherwise I know that they have been spotted at Tatton. More a decent herbaceous plant nursery type of plant rather than GC, although have seen them at one near us- at a price! RHS gardens too may have them. J.

  • Thanks to Christopher2 for mentioning Actea/cimifuga and Bjay for photo at harlow carr. Cimifuga now on my wishlist.

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