Gardeners World Chilli Trial

I missed this trial period. Was it any good and is it still watchable anywhere? I would love it if Gardeners World did a new trial, especially if they did it for a summer like we've just had. Also, does anyone know any other helpful sites that would assist an amateur chilli grower?


  • I missed it too but managed to grow some pretty decent ones this year. Started them all off in a propagator then trandferred to greenhouse when big enough. Cant stand them myself but my husband loves them.Hoping to keep some over the winter and have bought them fleece jackets to wear. Fingers crossed.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,474

    If you can let them know when the next 'summer like we've just had' is due, perhaps that would help image


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  • I'm hopefully gonna get a heat mat and some chilli seeds to sow some chilli's beginning of the year. Dovefromabove, I said I'd love it if they did one and it turned out to be a similar summer, not expect them predict the future! lol. Does anyone know what varieties of chilli are best to try growing outdoors in the UK?

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    Tony, the South Devon Chilli Farm has some really useful info if you google it, there's also a really good book called 'Growing Chillies' by Jason Nickels that is really useful for UK growers, got it from Amazon. I'm just starting myself in 2013 so shout if you're still on the forum and we can compare notes!

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