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When do I repot please?


Hello all, planted up some bell peppers, tomatoes and broccoli, when do I repot please?






  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,795

    Hello Luke image

    Are the top ones tomatoes?  I'd pot them up individually now and make sure they get plenty of light. 

    Are the bottom ones the broccoli?  I think they're too etiolated to be any good - they've been too warm and not had enough light.  I'd start again with them.

    Good luck image

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  • LukeBLukeB Posts: 46


    Top is peppers, they look pretty good, as for the broccoli, I did think they looked a little odd! Are they salvagable? I don't want to throw if poss.

    Thanks image

  • ceninpedrceninpedr Posts: 47

    The bottom ones have got too straggly. You might be able to save them by pricking out but planting the bendy stem deep with the leaves poking out about 1 cm about the level of the compost. This sometimes works. If not, get more seed and start again.

    Good luck!

  • LukeBLukeB Posts: 46


    I might start again, if too much heat then window sill but lid off?

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    It will be mostly the light with the broccoli,  do another batch, my first tray of cauliflowers went the same. Did another batch two weeks later under lights and they were much better.

    You can plant brassicas stems deeper successfully without fear of them rotting as ceninpedr says when potting on, if they are little straggling, but personally I would judge that tray to be a bit past that. image 

    Try them in a salad though, some of the brassica seedlings have some pretty unusual tastes, my aborted cauliflowers were really quite mustardy. image

  • BoaterBoater Posts: 241

    All the instructions I have read say that once the seedlings appear you should take the lid off and let them grow on in cooler conditions. The warmth is mostly to make the seeds think it is time to germinate.

    If you have frost concerns you might want to keep the lids on a bit longer but provide more ventilation, or take the lids off in the day and put them back at night or something?

    I've haven't started seeds this early (still a relative newbie) but I'm getting ready to sow some this weekend - frost is a concern for me here in Scotland, but the thermometer in my conservatory has not managed to dip to 0 yet this winter so I think for most things it will be safe to remove the lids once I get seedlings.

    Except something I was looking at (can't recall what or if I bought the seeds) needs to be grown on at minimum 15 degrees (might be flowers - I'm branching out to try and encourage more pollinators into my veg garden, but I am really out of my depth with flowers!)

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