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More Privet Problems



Please can anyone identify what the spots are and what I can do about them

Most of the leaves have small silvery /pale brown spots surrounded by a largebrown/ purplelish larger circle.

These spots have affected the whole 40ft privet hedge at the bottom of the garden.

Will the new leaves be OK ?

Will I be able to save it by spraying it if so what would be recommended.

Any help will be gratefully accepted, I am really worried the whole hedge will have to come out.

Many thanks in anticipation   


  • Grandma TGrandma T Posts: 29

    Thankyou so much for quick reply, will get onto that tomorrow after the trip to buy the product / Products. I really thought the hedge would have to come out which would have been a huge problem for us. 

    Thank you you again Eddy truely appreciated. 

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