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My Garden 2012

Hi, I´d like to share an album I have made with nine pictures from the best plants

this year. Nothing unusual, unfortunately, but I strove to get quality side by side

with quantity ( a very difficult poise in my urban fungus-stricken low sunlight garden...), 

so I came to terms with the necessity of reliable plants instead of faltering rarities.

The link goes to a quick slideshow, and the plants were mainly in containers or

edging. Thank you.




  • Hello

    what a nice lot of flowers in pretty colours.

    Do you grow most your plants in containers?

    How big is your garden?

    Hampshire Gardener
  • what a lovely display,and inspirational.well your garden looks stunning,might pich a few ideas from that on those types of pansies.image

  • -- Posts: 88

    Thank you all for your kindness. I have a small front garden which takes more sun, but it lies halfway under a garage top in high summer; the front windows do not get full sunlight, but are far brighter (one of them has the phlox). The back garden is L-shaped (2 x 12 m + 4 x 10) , with two trees, some veggies (which thrive much worse than the flowers, believe it or not), lots of shade and a variable amount of light throughout the year. Some of the pansies were in containers, some along a path (see picture), others nearer the house. I grew all the plants from seed (as I do with most of my garden, can´t live without the thrill!), including the annual Phlox Twinkle. This kind of phlox is not as long-lived as the normal 'rounded' ones, blooming for about three months, but this one easily outdid that (with lots of fertilizer and good old deadheading...) Phlox can be a little tricky to sprout, and they only do it naturally at the end of winter and beginning of spring. Annual phlox is not hardy, though; it has few roots and do very well with crowding (guess that lot had at least eight of them!), with some compost mulching from time to time.





  • Hi there,I am always interested in getting inspiration on garden design from other gardeners.I have split my garden to different rooms for interest an have had some great ideas from various shows and  Alan Titchmarch'How to be a Gardener' I am opening my garden next year for NGS and am extremely nervous howevever the prospect of raising money for charity makesit all worth while.

  • image





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     Hi  there.Thankyou for your kind words.I'm opening 28/7/12.I live in Sutton Coldfield West Mids ,maybe a little far for you to visit.Ijust hope we get better weather next year.I  could do with your experience.Hopefully i'll have some helpers to get me through the day!!
  • Norm2Norm2 Posts: 86

    Hi Lovely gardens there, well done to you both, nice to see some nice bright cheery pictures of the flowers, roll on spring,

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Yes, is is nice to see some cheery pictures at this very dismal time. That's a very nice garden. And it's a welcome reminder that there is plenty for us to look forward to, come Spring.

    But Spring still seems a long way off.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Brilliant photos. Rusfloram, what is the blue flower behind the pink phlox?

    Jacqui your garden looks lovely.

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