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Talkback: Daffodils

I have had the Snowdrop's big brother the Snowflake in flower in my Swansea garden since early December. They used to start flowering at the end of January, but for the last couple of years they have flowered early.


  • Hi Pippa, in my small patch I have some snowdrops out as well as jasmine, viburnum, primroses, hellebores, cyclamen and, believe it or not, cowslips! In the Sir Harold Hillier arboretum we saw several groups of "January Gold" daffodils in flower on New Years Day.
  • I too, am eagerly awaiting my first snowdrops and making a daily inspection, but was greatly surprised last weekend to find a single deep pink flower of a schizostylis in a tub!
  • ...and as if it knows it is now a star of the Gardeners' World Blogging world, and feels overcme by all the attention, my solitary daff is just being joined by a couple more, perhaps though they are simply being forced out of the soil by the vast quantities of RAIN going in to it!!
  • Living in the South West my drifts of Snowdrops are usually very close to blooming by now. But despite getting down on my hands and knees to search I have been unable to find a single one coming through.
  • I was amazed to see just how many daffodils are in full bloom here in Bracknell.
  • HI I also have a daffodil that appears every year just before Christmas.Despite feeding it ,it never produces more than one flower!
  • You are not alone, our snowdrops put their heads up just before Christmas and have not moved since! But on the other hand we have 2 Anemone de Canen in flower.
  • I have one paper white fully out and I have seen the first snowdrop and crocus in my garden today here in Sheffield
  • We are usually awash with snowdrops by now too and there's not even a leaf to show at the moment, we had a search yesterday. However, there are several clumps on a bank at the end of the village in full bloom. Sadly, the whole bank should be jaw droppingly white by now!!!
  • The first of my January Gold Daffodils appeared in flower at the beginning of December. They are now all in full bloom in my south facing slopping front garden.
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