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This is a duplicate post as I popped this video onto Berghill's "Garden Pics 2015" thread so apologies in advance.  But I get so much good feedback and advice about my garden from these that I want to start my own thread and update once a month or so.

Also, being a little bit nosey myself, I would love other people to get brave and post a video or two here.  There is something about video that seems a bit more alive than still photography.  Having said that, pictures of individual flowers are best captured in a quality photo.  So here we go with my garden update for March 2015. Previous vids are probably available by searching my profile but I am still not sure how all this works to tell the truth!




  • And just for a bit of "before and after" effect here it was a couple of months ago in December.


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Nice video and gardenimage Thanks For sharing

  • GillianBCGillianBC Posts: 121

    Good video, Paul.  I like your garden - all sorts of interesting bits full of promise.  Nice trees too.  I'll be interested to watch how it progresses over the next year.

  • Cheers all  The mind boggles Edd, might not be quite photogenic enough for the BBC though.  Haha

  • LunariaLunaria Posts: 144

    I Watched some because I love a good nose in people's gardens myself. I didn't watch the whole 13minsimage Your garden is already looking lovely. I can easily imagine how beautiful it is in the summer. Keep up the great work.

    I like the idea of recording the garden in some way. I have not done that yet at all.  It's not worth showing you mine just now.  Last year was my first real year in the garden. It's been cleared and lots of bulbs planted. So i'm looking forward to what it will look like. The greenhouse is bursting with the plants to put in. But for now the garden is relatively bare. 

  • I would do it Lunaria, its the before and after thing that I like, and a lot of others do too I think.  Its when it is worth taking a photo or vid that you think "I wish I could show them what it used to look like".

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I keep a photo diary of my garden, roughly 3 turns of the garden for the busy months and once in slow months. This will be my fifth year to do it, using the photos of the good, the bad and the ugly bits to plan changes in the winter months 

    I have a fair amount of progress photos and before and after shots. I never get tired of this journey image

  • Lets have a look then Winter!  Or do you have a gallery on here?


  • Here is an April update GillianBC showing how things are progressing in April.  Slowly getting there I hope!!



  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,120

    bump for Susan image

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