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profusion crabapple in pot?

Can I grow a profusion crabapple tree (malus moerlandsii) a pot? I only have a small gravel front garden and would like to grow in just in a pot. Do they come in small varieties. Thanks


  • Have a look at this information on the OrangePippin site about growing fruit trees in pots:

    In essence, yes you can but you'll need a large pot - 60cm or larger diameter and about the same depth.  If you can find one on a dwarfing rootstock all the better, but growing them in pots will naturally keep them smaller than if planted in the ground.  Once it reaches the maximum size you want after a few years, you'd have to keep it in check by regular summer pruning.

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  • Great thanks for response I'm a total beginner but want to learn more about what plants for my small urban front garden. Any suggested websites to get best deals as garden centers can be expensive.

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