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Creeping Dogwood

TantyTanty Posts: 59

Hi - I have half a dozen creeping dogwood plants which were only planted last summer in a partially shaded rockery and seem to have settled in quite happily and are growing slowly and look healthy.  Unfortunately, I have to move them.  Does anyone have any experience of transplanting them?  Will they forgive me?!  If not, I'll rethink my plans...Thanks image


  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,238

    I would think they would be ok Tanty although I haven't grown them myself. If nobody else can give you more definite information, why not try digging up one plant and seeing how much root etc comes up with it. If it looks like a nice root ball I would think you would be ok to transplant them.

    The plant is increased by division so is (presumably) suitable for digging up and hacking about. If you find that you get lots of bits coming away rather than a nice bunch of roots you could try potting the 'bits' up to grow them on that way before reusing them.

    Good luck image

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  • TantyTanty Posts: 59

    Thanks both for the advice, it's much appreciated!  They will get plenty of sun and moisture in their new home, and not have to put up with living in a corner that was a dumping ground for shattered roof tiles, broken bricks and bits of glass!  Think I'll wait till the weather's a bit warmer mind you image

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