white bits in very very well rotted horse manure

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I have just found a delivery supply of well rotted manure at a good price !!! yay at last!!!

The lovely chap is delivering 2-3 year old manure on Monday but also has a pile of 20 year old that apparently has this white growth in it that is a sort of fungi that grows only in horse manure.

I am going to need more manure than one load and wonder is this fungi a beneficial growth or harmful?

if the fungi is neither then is it better for the manure to be 2 year old or 20?


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    thanks Edd this is what I was hoping as the guy wants to get rid of the 20 year old but apparently a lot of the allotment holders he supplies wont take it because of the white root as they call it ?

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    My very best horse manure comes from a friend's field in Devon.  They've been there at least 20 years and the heap was there then.  They've added all sorts on top so it is a large heap.  I fill several bags from the bottom of the heap when I visit.  It's loverley stuff

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    I have a severe case of "manure envy"

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    I'd hire a van and take the lot image

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    I am verging on becoming manure obsessed this year, due to my lack of transport, funds and scarce availability of manure delivery.

    Now have found a man to deliver me truck loads about one and a half to two cubic yards a truck i believe and he seems lovely and is cheepimage.

    Hostafan have i just won the  ** it lottery image

    with 20 plus year old stuff could i use it to fill my veg beds or do i need top soil as well ? If i can fill the beds it will save me a fortune.image

    i was so stressed about getting the garden done and a lot of poo has made  my stress has fly away


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    We have neighbours who keep their sheep "in" for lambing and they promised me the manure left behind until the farmer from whom the rent the space took the lot and sold it. 

    I can not begin to tell you how angry they were.

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    Hostafan thats rotten luck, he sounds like a very greedy manimage

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