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Moss Killer

So I have read some good advice on here about how to get rid of moss which I intend to do on one of my paths & lawn, however I am unsure if its the right time to do it?

I am worried that the moss killer will kill off the plants in my borders? So far I have hand scraped a lot of the moss off the border and the paths where it was growing quite thick however I can't get it all up so will definately need some kind of treatment. My lawn is quite thick with moss on the one side. I am going to rake this up as soon as I get chance.



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Moss Killer is pretty specific, it's iron sulphate, so it won't harm your plants. If you've got moss on your flower beds, dig it in and add some grit to the soil to improve drainage. As for your lawn, scarify it, spike it, brush in sharp sand to improve the drainage. Sow a shade tollerant grass seed on the mossy side.

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