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leaf mould

A couple of months ago a collected a small amount of leaf mould,and mixed it up with my homemade compost,and some spent compost using it to sow seeds and the result was great.the type of leaf hawthorn.its very fine when rotted down,I cannot recommend it enough.I shall be collecting plenty more hawthorn leaf mould from my allotment plots.


  • I love leafmould, a great free resource. But it's like spinach - you start off with a huge pile and end up with a couple of spoonfuls!

  • You're lucky to have a clean source, leaf mould is wonderful although as Buttercupdays says,  a lot of leaves make such a little bit of useable organic material at the end. I have some at my allotment and will be using it on my potted Hydrangeas and the Acer.

  • can somebody please explain in what way is leaf mould better than home made compost

  • So is leaf mould better for soil structure than well rotted cow and straw manure

  • can somebody please explain in what way is leaf mould better than home made compost

  • How did that happen I didn't post it again

  • Well I am very lucky I have 

    2 dalek bins that are only used for composting kitchen waste and shredded paper

    2 dalek bins for weeds and shreddeded paper 

    3 bins made from pallets for grass cuttings and shredded clippings etc

    and acces to cow, sheep and horse manure

    any leaves that fall are left where they fall

    but thank you for the explanation  image

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995

    My neighbors collect up their leaves to give to me each fall, as their yard trees are larger and more mature than mine.  They bag them up in the lawn mower, so they're perfectly chopped and mixed with greens.  I either leave them sitting around in the bags until spring, or more often just spread them over my garden soil to cover and protect it over the winter, and then it serves as mulch in the spring as I just push it off where I want to plant my row.  

    Utah, USA.
  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    I've a friend who bags up leaves too. It's a good arrangment I collect and save them a trip to the tip. Leaves do rot down very quickly though to nearly nothing. Two daleks filled in October are now only half full and the stuff still looks like leaves.

    You seem to know alot on the subject Edd, Silly Q but could I mix leaf mould with well rotted compost and perlite, as a potting up mix as I'm thinking it's a way of not having to buy in as much compost to pot up.   

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