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  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Hi Folk. Glad that you received the seeds.  Weathers starting to change so Good Gardening.

    I saw an article on You Tube on how to make your own seed tapes. Seeemple. All you need is ordinary toilet roll, plain flour, water, scissors and an artists pointed paint brush. A child's brush would be OK.

    Take a length of toilet roll (I used 3 foot pieces for ease of handling but you can decide that for yourself) then cut it in half down its length to make two strips. Mix some flour with water to make a paste which will sit on the paintbrush without dripping.

    Lay out a paper strip then using the brush, blob on the paste at whatever spaces are required. Sprinkle some seed into the palm of your hand or a small plate then using the tip of the paintbrush you will be able to pick up the seeds one by one to then dot them onto the paste blobs to which they immediately adhere. (I used two seeds per blob to allow for irregular germination.

    Fold the paper over to make a narrow strip and it sticks together, although I did add more blobs of paste to make sure - but I am like that. Allow to dry overnight then form into rolls and place in an airtight tin. If you are not going to use them immediately, place the rolls in a sealable plastic bag and keep in the 'fridge.

    I had fun doing this last night and recon it would be great to keep the kids occupied for a while. 


  • Hi Mel M image I am new to growing chilli's this year and saved some seeds from chilli's and bell peppers that I bought, any tips on growing them? PS If you have any free chilli seeds I would be very grateful to try themimage

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Hi Kitchen Gardener. It is a bit late to sow chilli seed now as they need a long growing season. I plant mine on the first of January each year. They have to be started out in heat so a propagator is needed. Keep the seedlings warm and in light. When they are big enough to plant [12 inch pot- compost and manure] treat them exactly the same as tomatoes. Some types will grow outdoors in rich soil - sheltered, sunny spot, but better results are obtained in a greenhouse or poly tunnel.

    PM me your address and I will send you some seeds for Peruvian Lemon Drop and Ohnivec chilli [up to a foot long, two inches thick - hot, along with instructions for growing next year. If you want to grow this year you may be able to get chilli plants off the internet.

  • Hi Mel image I went to retrieve your message, but sadly that part of the site is down again, so cant see what you sent me?


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