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  • Hi Mel M image I am new to growing chilli's this year and saved some seeds from chilli's and bell peppers that I bought, any tips on growing them? PS If you have any free chilli seeds I would be very grateful to try themimage

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Hi Kitchen Gardener. It is a bit late to sow chilli seed now as they need a long growing season. I plant mine on the first of January each year. They have to be started out in heat so a propagator is needed. Keep the seedlings warm and in light. When they are big enough to plant [12 inch pot- compost and manure] treat them exactly the same as tomatoes. Some types will grow outdoors in rich soil - sheltered, sunny spot, but better results are obtained in a greenhouse or poly tunnel.

    PM me your address and I will send you some seeds for Peruvian Lemon Drop and Ohnivec chilli [up to a foot long, two inches thick - hot, along with instructions for growing next year. If you want to grow this year you may be able to get chilli plants off the internet.

  • Hi Mel image I went to retrieve your message, but sadly that part of the site is down again, so cant see what you sent me?


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