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Veg & Fruit Propagate in February

Hi everyone,

I just started to sow some tomatoes (seed packet said February in a propagator) and I'm waiting on those, just wondered what else can be grown this time of year. What has everyone else started early?

I wanted to plant some chillies and peppers next.

Temperatures in the greenhouse are ranging from 1 degrees to 24 degrees! There was a 20 degree rise in temperature between 7am and 9am today! image




  • Next to me to get started are 


    summer purple sprouting brocolli



    early peas

    evesham special sprouts 

    early Nantes carrots

    roma tomatoes

    cayenne chilli peppers 


    can you maybe do your sowings and keep them indoors until there is less of a temperature fluctuation? 

  • I garden high up, in the North West and find that, though my greenhouse gets through winter just on a frost-free  heater setting, I need to turn it up a bit to get seedlings going well when the weather begins to warm up. I guess it evens out costwise though, as it is on less in the daytime, and my lean-to greenhouse gets the benefit of stored heat in the rear wall for at least part of the night. But I still keep a lot of the less hardy or vigorous seedlings indoors on sunny windowsills, because things that originate from warmer parts of the world can be severely checked by cold night temperatures.

    Do you have automatic vents on your greenhouse? They do help to control this wild fluctuation and aren't that expensive. The weather can be so capricious in the spring that it is worth getting them, especially if you can't be around all day, as you can't just open the door and go away till the evening. Anything could happen and probably will!

  • Ben9Ben9 Posts: 15

    Thanks. I am in Essex, the greenhouse seems to have basic roof ventilation (windows!). I'm assuming that being inside the greenhouse at the lowest point even if its 0 degrees, they are in the propagator so they will keep safe from freezing?

    Fruitcake, thats a good idea. Any recommendations on the best seed brand? I have been let down by quality in the past especially with tomatoes and blight. There were some blight resistant seeds a few years ago, can't seem to find them now....

  • I have a mix Ben of suttons, wilkinsons and T&M

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