I have aqualegia bulbs, can I pot them indoors to start them off? Very new at gardening, new house, garden, getting into gardening but not very clued up.



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    Hi Christine image

    Are you sure of what you've got?  Aquilegias don't grow from bulbs image

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  • Lol see what I mean, deary me, well its not a packet of seeds its in a bag, maybe they are rooted? 

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    They will be bare root plants. Do you have a cold frame as they will be best grown in a cool conditions. Either plant them where they are to grow or pot them up and put them in sheltered corner in your garden.

  • What is a cold frame? I could put them in a pot them put them outside? We still have hard frost here, soil bricvk hard? Xxx

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    Its just an unheated clear box with lid. Basically a small unheated greenhouse. I would just pot them up and place them in a sheltered corner against a wall or something or wait a little while till the ground unfreezes and plant them directly as they dont like root disturbance.

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    I normally just grow them from seed. You can literally sprinkle them on the soil and they pop up. They often self seed themselves.

  • Ok that's great, so glad I found this forum, am sure I'll have lots of more draft questions lol. Thank you xxxxx

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    This is a coldframe.

    Pot them up using potting compost, water them, and put the pots in a sheltered place, as Cairnsie said. They are hardy.

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  • Oh yes I've seen them, could get one of them, thank you xxx

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    Welcome Christine, Bring on the daft questions, that's what we're here for. 


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