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Digging in green manure

I sowed a mix of mustard, red clover and Italian rye grass in my vacant ground last Autumn and now need to get it dug in but the ground is still very wet. Should I go ahead and dig now or how long can I wait to dig it in before sowing new crops on that ground? I don't want to damage the soil by digging it when its still wet but I'm concerned that if I don't get it dug soon then the manure will not have a chance to break down in the soil before I want to sow seeds. Any thoughts?


  • If you could get onto the ground but not dig it by walking on a board for instance you could cut the tops off the plants to let them start to rot down before digging them in later.

  • AJ203AJ203 Posts: 15

    Many thanks for the very helpful advice!

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