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New lawn

Evening all,

Here's my project:

I want to relay my lawn after having new paths laid. The old lawn is about ten inches below the levelof the new path and I want the new lawn to be level with the path.

My questions:

Do I need to remove the old grass?

Or can I put topsoil/sand over it and lay the new turf on top?

Can/shoul I put a base of sharp sand to bring the level up and then put (say) four inches of topsoil on top of the sand before laying the turf?

Any other helpful advice would be appreciated.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Well you can, but instead of having a base of sharp sand, get a cement mixer and mix it with the topsoil first then lay on top. I can see why you want to do it, it's cheaper than topsoil by itself, if you mix it you'll have a well drained lawn with no chance of ever having moss! 

  • hi Jenson

    That is quite a depth to make up to level a new lawn to your new path. Could you confirm why this is the case 

    The existing lawn should be dung up and can be laid grass down on to the soil as overtime this will break down in to a loam 

    the main requirements of a new lawn is good aeration for root growth so build up the level with a sub soil that contains grit to allow for the drainage of the new lawn 

    lay a quality top soil about 100mm in depth and consolidate this by walking over and then racking the surface untill you have a fine tilth to lay your new lawn over and level to the new path


  • JensonJenson Posts: 26

    Hi Steve

    Do you mean mean use the old lawn turned over under the new lawn.

  • Hi Jenson

    yes , that correct . It will then break down over the season in to a loam that is a good for the soil 

    hope the project goes well 

  • JensonJenson Posts: 26

    Thanks Steve.  Should I rotovate under where the old turf was before laying it upside down?

    And one last long should I let the topsoil settle for before laying the turf.

  • Hi Jenson 

    There would be no real benefit rotavating they soil under the existing lawn

    The top soil when laying a new lawn would be firmed down by walking over it to consolidate the area

    After this, using a rack , rack over this area and remove any large stones. Then walk over the area again . Keep repeating this process untill the area is firm and level and free of large stones . By continually racking the area you will create a fine tilth ( loose, fine soil to lay you new lawn on top of.

    The idea is to have a firm area  with no large stones to lay your lawn on to 

    lay your turf  in a stretcher course  ( as s bricklaying lays bricks) 

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