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Tempted to try Nemaslug this year - Does anyone know anything about this product or indeed Slug Gone wool pellets?



  • Hi biofreak, I use nematodes every year and swear by them, they even seem to diminish the snail population. There's currently a war happening out there between vine weevils and nematodes - come on the nematodes image . 

  • Another vote from me for nemaslug! Used for the first time last year, was so successful gave me the hosta bug big time-can finally grow successfully!!! Worked well on both ones in pots and the ground- defo try it!

  • I used nematodes for the first time last summer to great effect the marketing says they only last for 6 weeks although I didn't see much slug action thereafter only the occasional one or snail  that I got with salt in the evening, perhaps they just keep the numbers down and yes I found them quite expensive but will invest again this season if need be.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 985

    Great feedback - Thanks will now place order!

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 20,870

    I think its a bit too early yet, unless they wont dispatch until its warmer.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • You're right Lyn esp as they need to be refrigerated and have a limited lifespan.

  • Depends on the temp you don't  want any bad frosts until they have established.  I can put nematodes  down in my front garden which is very sheltered at the start of march but will wait until end March early April to do my cold back garden. I think they do survive the winter when they get established as I am still finding empty snail shells     and have not seen no a slug yet. I have been using nematodes for 3 years now.  First year I did 2 applications second and third year I have only used 1 application and still getting good results. It does not clear them completely but gives the plants and wildlife a fighting chance.. would not be without nematodes... also used the one for sawfly last year and my goose berries  survived best crop ever

  • ninnin Posts: 216

    I tried them last year and then it rained for two weeks the nematodes were useless and i had my worst slug year ever.

    Will try again this year but need to wait for the right weather.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I found nematodes a faff, waiting for right weather, watering ground first, applying in certain quantities through certain size can nozzle and watering in. I'm going to try the info from the link from Edd it sounds far easier and I'm happy to capture slugs. 

    The little black devils are already out and about image

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