Tree advice needed.

Hi, I need help finding two trees. I'm very new to gardening and despite constantly searching can not seem to find any suitable trees, websites etc are very vague and lack quality pictures of end results etc. One tree needs to have a narrow trunk with a growth height of about 1.5metres. The second has to have the same growth height but any trunk width. Both trees would ideally be great for bees, butterflies etc. They will be planted in clay and get plenty of Sun. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


  • There are very few trees that grow to only 1.5 metres. Apart from dwarf conifers I can think only of Japanese maples, some of which remain small, and Kilmarnock willow, kept small by pruning. You could try standard roses, and many shrubs can be pruned or trained to resemble trees. Cotoneaster  is often trained as a standard, wisteria can be, bay and holly (a slow growing variety) are also possibilities. You can buy dwarf fruit trees that only grow to about 2 metres and would give you blossom and fruit, but you would possibly need 2 of the same sort for pollination purposes, unless they are self-fertile.. From the insect point of view probably cotoneaster and the fruit trees would be the most attractive.                                                                    

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    I've just bought one of these,

    It says on the label it will get up to 2.5m, but I assuming that is in 10 years. 

    They love sun, don't know if that is any help.  image

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    Hi Nick image

    Can you tell us more about the garden, whereabouts is it,  is it windy,  in a frost pocket etc

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    Crabapples.   Malus Laura has a dwarfing habit and is described as being "Upright".

  • Hi, thanks for replies. Height adjustment, would now go up to 3 metres. The tree would have to be hardy being planted in clay and a stiff wind blowing from a small lake. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated image
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    Hawthorn would be my choice image

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