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My wife and I have just acquired a lovely bit of land at the back of our house and im really not sure on the best cause of action from here on.

I have leveled a lot of the brambles and little trees which was fine and im not sure if I should next hire a digger and just rip up the land ready for some turf to go in and the land next to the fence will be raised beds etc.

We also found a lovely air raid shelter maid from concrete which I plan to use as a small cellar also a little store with electrics wired in as well.

If anyone could offer some good advice I would be very appreciative.

I will hopefully attach photos below as well??










  • Digger wont do as much as you hope it will - £250 for a week end  would be better spent on a decent rotovator, although that is still going to be hard work and take time. If you are doing some landscaping it may be worth while. Work out the design - cover the planting areas with membrane to kill of weeds/grass, which saves the hard work of stripping turf, and rotovating only to find all the weed come back. If you want to grass an area I'd be tempted to use a selective weed killer to get rid of the brambles - and just mow the area - it will look good in no time.  I had a field of rye grass which I ploughed in and reseeded with a different grass mix - Rye still comes through in places because I didn't do it properly although where its regularly mowed the grass is lovely.

    The air shelter is a result! Make sure the wiring is safe though and know where the route of the cable is as if its underground it may not be armoured.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I think ill give that a go and get some designs down and then I think a friend has a rotovator and will see how that goes.

    Would you suggest a particular weed killer to use? The area is approx 260m2

    The shelter isnt wired as yet but it will certainly need to be a good job.

    Plenty to keep me busy of the next few months

  • I don't use weedkillers myself so couldn't suggest any but you can get a weedkiller that will kill weeds but not grass (think of some lawn preparations). Brambles are pretty tough but keep mowing them and they'll give up.

    Don't expect the rotovator to work miracles - its hard work best done when the ground is still soft.

    Regarding wiring - think about solar - might be a bit cheaper.

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