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Using greenhouse shade paint

Is there any problem with using shade paint on the inside of my greenhouse, rather than the outside? Thanks in anticipation.


  • It's easier to get it off the outside with less mess too.

  • Thanks for your response Barry. I know that you are right, but being 74, and having to use steps, I no longer feel comfortable in reaching to the top panes from steps.

  • I can see your problem could you use some sort of shading material inside for the roof section, I have old net curtains in my greenhouse although not on the roof section because my roof has been replaced with pvc sheeting.

  • Barry R, please can I use your thread?   I also am worried about removing the shading paint from the outside of my greenhouse, due to age and instability.   Tried the paint once and spent days trying to remove it, not totally successful.   So last year I was given two rolls of shading material which is pegged to the inside of the panes.   The manufacturer's illustration is beautiful, so neat, lying perfectly flat against the glass.   Huh!!!   Photoshop at work, I reckon.  Does anyone have any helpful tips for putting up Gardman Greenhouse Shading fabric?   Is it possible to get it lying flat against the pane?  And how are you supposed to attach it at the ends of the greenhouse, where there is no slotted rail?   I have used short pieces of trellis slats inserted between the glass and the frame, which does certainly work, but was not recommended.

  • Hi I have shading netting  in my small green house 7ft x5ft. On the inside of the green house from front to back I run 1 wire at the ridge , another 2 wires either side about 1/2 way down the roof and another 2 wires where the sides meet the roof . I drape the netting over all the wires pull it taut using clothes pegs.  This is very easy to take down though more expensive than paint . You can also use this system when you insulate for early planting using bubble wrap on the same wires. as my green house is on an allotment with no power anything that saves paraffin for the 2 months that I heat it.

  • Thanks 'freezers'. I have tried netting in the past, but not with the amount of wiring that you suggest. I think it might be worth another try with your adaption. The netting I used was quite stiff, which made it awkward to fit: I'll look for a softer material.

  • freezers, thanks for your advice.   How do you attach your wire?   I can only think of running the wire along the outside of the g'house as well as the inside.  The shade netting I have is very stiff, made of plastic, I think, and very difficult to manipulate.   Must be the same as yours, Barry R.   I'm also going to look around for a softer material.   Makes me mad when manufacturers don't give full instructions, and just gloss over any problems.

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