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Hello Gardeners' World!

I'm primarily an indoor gardener due to my limited space and living in a 2nd floor flat, but that doesn't stop me from living my passion every day. I've created a 4 tiered automatic light, heat, and ventilation area for my plants to thrive in, and of course, the occasional water and feed image With that being said, I have a few concerns...


 The first plant is my De Cayenne plant. It's healthy, growing along schedule, and doing what it needs to. However, I'm beginning to notice a very slight hue of yellow beginning to appear (the camera doesn't quite do it justice). From doing reading, I believe it's a lack of Nitrogen. Is this correct? If so, how do I go about remedying the situation?


 I may get a few responses from this second picture as it may go against a few rules, but i'm all about constructive criticism. It's a passion I want to learn all about!

My potato plant was planted on 02 January 2015, so it's almost hitting its 2 month mark. Also, the current height is roughly 2.5-3 ft (guesstimate based on looking). With that being said, I have a few concerns as well:

1) Why are the leaves curled inward?

2) I'm assuming they're deeper green on top and lighter green on the bottom due to lighting, correct?

3) Are there potato plants that don't flower, or am I anticipating the flowering too early since it's only been 2 months? If so, I'm slightly concerned about its height since I already have homemade 2-tiered bamboo canes being utilized for support.

Any (and all) help is greatly appreciated! 


  • Do you feed your plants and if yes what is the rating of your feed. 

    I may be able to help you


  • Arthur1Arthur1 Posts: 538

    Could be that the plant is etiolated. it may not be getting light of the right quality and quantity. If it is also too warm then that will not help. 

    Also do you have the lights on for long enough?

  • Thank you for the responses, RobertHM and Kate 7 image

    RobertHM - If i'm honest, I just give my plants water and nothing else. I suspect this may be the cause of the issue?

    Kate 7 - I have my grow lights on from 0600 until 1900. In terms of lighting, here are the two items I use:


    Hope this helps image

  • We use similar on our seedlings, but we don't have them on during the day. We have them on 2100 - 0700. Could that be a factor? Do you have a balcony to stand your plants on in summer and if you do, does it get the sun at all?

  • You may want to feed your plants with a feed. I use multi purpose plant feed that comes in the shape of little balls and you mix it in to the compost. alternately you can get all sorts of liquid feeds which are designed for certain types of plants. 

    You should feed your plants as compost only has a short supple of feed that runs out after a while (depending on the compost you use) and then your plants well start to struggle to grow.

    Hope this helps


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,324

    I'm not an experrt in tomato growing but the same thing happened to tomato plants growing in my conservatory last year. Someone suggested that the temperature was fluctuating too much - hot in the day and cold air falling onto them overnight.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
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