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Removing Pampas Grass.

Does anyone have any tips for getting out a fairly large pampas grass ? Are the roots shallow or will I need some dynamite ?



  • Hi image

    Fraid its dynamite! I havent attempted getting one out yet, but everyone who has warns against them! They are also well known for slicing your hands, so you will need gloves. Looks like brute force will be needed, sorry!
  • It will be extremely hard work as the roots are very tough.  Dig a trench all of the way around it and then you can use a sharp spade thrust in at an angle to sever the roots all around.  Eventually you should be able to remove it, but may break a few garden tools along the way!   Best to cut all of the foliage down first as it is lethally sharp, so wear protective clothing when you do that - I wore two pairs of jeans, a leather motorcycle jacket and leather gloves.  I also have a chainsaw which helped a lot but it was still the most difficult plant I have ever removed. image

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  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 380

    If you look on Google there are several videos on how to remove them with a strong cable attached to a 4x4

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Start a good foot away from the edge of the base, and go a forks depth down and loosen all around. They aren't deep rooted, but the are tough to get out. Cut the top growth down to ground level before starting. A long steel bar is handy for leverage. It's brute force really. Once you get it out (sweat and swearing over), dig the ground thoroughly to remove any roots, ten do what you want with the space. They knacker the soil, so you'll have to add plenty of well rotted manure afterwards.

  • If you are getting rid rather than moving then advertise for someone to have it free of charge on the condition that they remove it.

    Freecycle is a website that you can advertise this on,or preloved or gumtree,free of charge.


  • Keep your eyes open for hibernating hedgehogs in your pampas - it's a favourite spot image

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  • This is likely to have come far too late, but I have just battled my own Pampas removal. After cutting back as much grass as I could, then breaking 2 forks and a spade, I purchased a mattock.

    The rest is history, as it only took 5 mins after that. Great buy.

  • image What is a MATTOCK?  I have some old grasses to remove -- not sure what they are - but those roots look ominous!!!!

  • suvisuvi Posts: 1

    Thank you for the advice re the mattock!   Prior to reading this post, I spent 1.5 hours and managed to get a root the size of my hand with traditional methods (not to mention a pretty sizeable workout!).  After reading this, I went and got a mattock - what a difference!!  Still hard work, but in 30 minutes I think I've managed to  hack it all out --- and it was about a metre in diameter.  The only question I wonder about is all the little bits and pieces that are likely left behind in the soil from my hacking - will they grow into little plants, or just die away?  To be seen :-)  Thanks again - I love my mattock!  

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