Poo, top soil and compost.

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I started trying to clear a large garden just over a year ago.

Dealt with weeds and brambles, now nothing grows.

Built raised veg beds out of old scaffold but need to fill them as soil under is fairly dead first year i just made holes put in some good stuff and planted which was ok.

Soil is dead all over the garden so needs lots of well rotted manure, found a local chap on ebay who said £50 for 2 cubic yards 18 month old manure and he never delivered and now dosent answer phone now . Next nearest on sales boards at a reasonable price was 40 miles away and wont come this far even for extra petrol money. The big sellers are all £ 50 plus a bag with added delivery.

Top soil i know will cost me two to three  hundred for 3-5 bulk bags.

Has anybody on here got any idea where i can get min 4 bulk bags manure, 2 top soil and 2 of high quality compost for less than £400 for the lot £500 is my max budget and minimum need.I live in Hertfordshire on the border of bucks and Middlesex


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    For muck I would visit your local livery yards and farms and ask. None round here advertise, it is all word of mouth. We have one where we can we take what we want or another where you can take a trailer load for £15. In fact so cheap I always put more in the honesty box than they ask for.image We also have local suppliers of topsoil and turfs (again based on farms and not widely advertised) these work out much cheaper than the online suppliers I've tried in the past, though Dandy's Topsoil are not bad price wise and give good customer service.

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    Thanks Gemma

    we have a farm not far 30-40mins away but it would be at least 20  journeys in the car, i dont drive and no way is my husband willing as he says "its your garden". He will cut the odd big tree branch or hammer a nail under duress and he loves to water in the summer (I hate watering its tedious and not dirty enough) but thats as far as he goes.

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    Do you have any local garden services - the one man and a helper type that put leaflets through the door?

    They might know where to get the stuff cheap and could deliver if they have a trailer?

    I used one to get rid of a mountain of concrete slabs even though it wasn't a service they advertised...image

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    That's a shame nin that you can't pick up stuff from local farms. My son helps me out, we make filling up the land rover with 10 bags of poo in the late summer for the autumn spreading a bit of day out we make about 8 journeys to get enough. image 

    You might find though visiting that some will deliver, I didn't word it right in the post above but the £15 I mentioned is for a trailer load of muck delivered.

    We have a lad locally like Victoria Sponge suggested, he picks up logs for us and comes round with a mate if something is really too much for us to do in the garden. He's never asked for more than £30 for a mornings work.

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    Wickes do bagged well-rotted FYM which, with their 3 for 2 offer, works out at about 80 quid per 1000l.  The 50l bags are relatively easy to handle, too.  Delivery is 25 I think.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    I am in the country so can generally get it free from neighbours. Even when  I lived in a big city their were people with horses. Stables and city farms.  Who would be happy to let you have it for free/cheap, it does build up quickly.  Well worth asking around or advertising locally. I remember visiting a zoo once they were selling elephant/rhino ect manure pretty cheap. Anyone used it?

  • Hi, im the same as the guys above, theres a local paddock by me who are only too happy to be rid of it, they even bag it up and its free! image

    Ive used a company called creativegardeningideas before, depending on where you live, they deliver for free if you spend 30 quid or more, never had as much as you need, but have had a fair few bags which were good image
  • I also collect mine free from local stables but have you compared prices on manure on Amazon?  If you buy it ready bagged at least you will know what quantity to order.  Good  luck.

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