Wheelchair surface required - Suggestions please


Looking for suggestions to an exciting project of mine to create a accessible garden, with raised bedding etc. Eeverything so far has been created using recylced materials, while we are achieving a contempory modern look, and trying to use as many natraul materials as possible. 

There is area measuring 6.5m x 4.5m and which is currently level and made up mainly of compacted scalpings, we need this area be be somewhere with a smooth surface and be fully wheelchair accessible and be somewhere where I can practice my wheelchair sport, ideally I would like it to embrace some colour and have a contempory modern feel, I have been looking at recycled rubber surfaces, but currently the cost of such is too high, my top budget is £1000, fortunely I do have people that are prepared to the labour cheaply.

Any ideas how I can achive a modern contempory surface that looks natrual that is 100% suitable for wheelchairs???


Creating an accessible Garden - Wheel surface required for an area 6.5m x 4.5m Needs to have modern eco contemporary look. Needs to cost less than £1000


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    We surfaced an area with assorted pavings from a reclaim yard. There were various colour bricks, slabs of granite (or something grey, I think it was granite), tiles, pavers, slabs some cobbles that you'll probably want to leave out. Need to be careful in choosing bricks, some aren't very good for being wet then freezing, they start to break up. 

  • There's that bonded resin stuff that looks a bit like gravel but is a smooth (permeable) surface but I suspect that's expensive??

    Or a cinder / hoggin path - likely to be cheapest especially if you've access to labour. But dusty and not sure if fits with modern theme.
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    Does anyone know what the bonded resin stuff that is smooth, permeable and looks like gravel is called?? And a good supplier that won't charge the earth.

    Not sure about using different blocks, kind of wanted something a bit different. This is an idea tho and maybe possible.

    Thank you for your ideas - Please keep them coming image


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    It might be self binding gravel-if you google that a list of images. suppliers etc comes up-have no idea of cost.

  • No, the self binding gravel is the cinder / hoggin path.

    By bonded resin I mean this stuff (nb no idea about the companies - just done a search):


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Oh that- very expensive-20years ago I worked for a company that did some installations-will cost well over the £1000 budget

  • I bought some resin bonded gravel for use between slabs on a pathway from this company: http://www.resinbonded.co.uk/

    It would be quite expensive for larger areas and is fairly labour intensive to lay.

    Have you thought of using pattern imprinted concrete? There are a number of companies that do it, it's less expensive than resin bonded gravel and you can get a number of different colours and paterns to make it look much nicer than standard concrete.

  • You may use artificial grass as a surface. It comes in a carpet form and can be cut.

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    Therr are those blocks that you can lay for drives as well and they have holes in them. Looked into it once as you then sowe grass seed int hem and you have a sturdy, level attractive piece if grass which would also be in a pattern from the  blocks.


    This is just an idea I think there are others as well

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