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Talkback: Fish out of water

It turns out that neighbours three doors down have a small pond with fish. And they recently took the netting cover off. I'm plagued with guilt. I saw them today (Wednesday) and confessed to the events. But it turns out that they still have their full complement. They had already heard about our catch anyway. So the mystery deepens.


  • i have a fish pond. and it isn't too big. and i was doing what monty was doing on gardenersworld by puting it in half shadeto see how it turned out. it has got gold fish in it .only i got a leak in it so i needed to empty it. so i needed to get all the gold fish out. i only had about ten fish in it . and when i started to net them. i found i have got five more fish than what i started with. the five fish that i got was carp. the only thing that i could think of was a heron came and that put them in.
  • I also had a cat that liked fishing. She spoiled my sons' science project by managing to get her paws under the netting I had put over an old tin bath that my sons had filled with minnows and stickleback fish. She didnt eat them but left her little trophys on the kitchen floor. So I would blame the cats not the heron.
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