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Has anyone used metal garden edging before? I think wood is quite popular for border edging but I've seen a few websites selling metal. What do people think?



  • I'm really not keen on the look of it, and I still carry the scar from when I was weeding a garden I'd just 'moved to' and a piece of old metal lawn edging attacked me - and I'm talking 40+ years ago! 

    I don't edge my borders and beds - how would I enlarge them to accomodate my increasing purchases? imageimage

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  • No, I'm not sure either. Just wanted to know whether other people used any borders in their garden.

    Thank you for the reply image

  • I use a bamboo fence as I have an exotic look. I do think metal edging, esp the hidden ones, look very professional but they cost a lot. Very good for curving lawns.

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    No, it doesn't go with my gardening styleimage too precise

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  • Iv usesed everedge it's pretty good
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    I've used the plastic edging from B&Q.  It does the job for me and it's pretty sturdy.  I used a piece of timber and a lump hammer to get it just below the level of the grass and it's virtually invisible.  I looked at the metal edging but the cost is very high as I need about 200 feet of the stuff.

  • is a good website for metal garden edging. - Not too expensive

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    I used Smartedge - it's plastic and invisible (and has stopped me digging up my grass to extend the borders - all good).

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    What a well timed post, thank you. I've been looking for a new edge for a lawn. It's surrounded by about 6" of gravel  next to the raised borders. The current border of wood is rotting quietly and becoming a pain. So I need to replace with something, and wondered too if a metal edging would work. I've seen them on the edges or lawn or borders in large stately properties, and it always looks neat there. I was hoping to see some at the Malvern Show last weekend but didn't see anyone selling it. 

    Ive seem the rite edge metal edging, from farm forestry which seems ok and Looks as if it would be descrete and isn't too expensive. I'm not that keen on more plastic for environmental reasons. I wonder if it does go brittle over a time as it's exposed to UV light, but don't know if it's designed to withstand that. The metal wouldn't degrade much. But mowing up to it you would need to be more careful than plastic or wood. Am still undecided at the moment. 

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