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I have just bought a small abutillon mesapotamicum, a plant I have admired for a while.

My problem is where to plant it, the advice on the internet is conflicting!

Could I plant it in an east facing border with its back to a wall? This would protect it from wind but would it get enough sun ?? Could I leave it out all year round ?...I live on the south coast so most winters are mild.

I would prefer not to have it in a pot as we are often away in summer and have no friendly waterers nearby!


  • Hi Super,

    I have grown a lot of Abutilons, but always indoors. They are very easy to propagate and the blooms last for ages, but have not considered them as an outdoor plant and havn't actually seen the growing outdoors.

  • I have a Abutilon Canary Bird  - yellow one out side in a sheltered corner west facing which seem fine out in the winter been out there now thought last winter and this winter does get part sun not full sun flowers nicely, it is planted in the ground

    So I would plant it out as long as it will have shelter and a bit of sun   

    hope this helps

    Hampshire Gardener
  • Yes thanks very much....I think I will take the plunge and plant it out.I can always pot it up again if it starts to look poorly

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It's really far too cold for aubutilon outside.  I've grown mine in pots for years, they et brought into the cool greenhouse in October, depending on the weather -and never go out again until April.

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