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I've bought three Alstroemeria, small bush plants. Two called Indian Summer and one called Little Eleanor. I ordered them on the internet from a well established supplier who grows them himself. I am so excited about having them as I know they make excellent cut flowers, lasting ages.

I gave one Indian Summer to my niece as a present, and I have planted mine, but I have kept the Little Eleanor in the pot for when the weather gets a bit warmer and the position in my garden is cleared. It is kept outside encased in bubble-wrap!

The Indian Summer grows to 2ft high and the Little Eleanor grows to 1ft high. I have not grown this plant before but with my green fingers I am confident that they will survive. They are not fragrant, but they are really beautiful. Has anyone here grown them and can pass on some tips?


  • JamesOJamesO Posts: 230


    I followed this guide I just brought them into the garage when it went below -6 here for a week but they are mainly outside mine in pots and are now putting on new growth

  • JamesOJamesO Posts: 230


     Blue pot has the red alstroemeria in below is Jan 2015


     Blue pot and the next one up from the end of Jan




  • I like your garden, James, and surprised to see your Alstroemerias looking so good in this cold weather, but then they are winter hardy, so I read.

    I have got to find out about posting images on here. I tried on another thread with daffodils in a vase and another poster helped by doing it for me! It didn't work for me.

  • ive got a clump of what I think is Indian summer if I recall and another 10 in pots that I recently got as bare root from the planet series! The main tips I have is that they like too be planted deeply, appreciate a winter mulch of straw or similar and when harvesting the stems it's best to pull them from the crown rather than snip them. Don't worry I think this encourages new shoots and clears the mass of stens left in the base.

  • Thanks for the tips. Most helpful.

    Mine is listed as being 2ft high when mature. Our neighbour has an Indian Summer clump and it is well established, so I know what to expect.

    It was full of flowers this year and was very eye-catching being next to the public pavement in the centre of their border. So impressed was I that I wanted one too so I ordered them.

    I read they take a few years to mature and be ready for picking. I have my vases waiting.

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