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Best water butts?

Hello fellow gardeners!

I have recently moved into a new bungalow (which needs a lot of garden work done!) and wondered whether someone could recommend a good water butt website at all?

A long lasting one would be great image - Not too costly...


- Madge



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854

    I made a waterbutt from a discarded wheelybin which had sat at the end of my drive for 6 weeks.

  • DorcasDorcas Posts: 159

    "" is a good website to try.  We also use black plastic dustbins.  Turn the lid upside down (having drilled a few holes in it).  When it rains, the water will collect in the 'basin' and soon fill up.

  • That's new to me! image I guess you could always make your own.

  • I tend to stay away from places like Tesco for water butts, so I will have a look on savewater

  • It would be worth checking whether your water company does a special offer on water butts as many of them do. I have 3 which I got discounted from the water company we were with but it was several years ago and I think our water has changed hands (so to speak) several times since then.

  • There's a few UK manufactured water butts online when you search. look like they have a range, but I've never heard of them before

  • LunariaLunaria Posts: 144

    I have an old recycled  plastic drum type thing. But I'm wanting a second one. I have been eyeing one up on the Wilkos  website I think it's £19.99. It's got  a lid and tap, very posh lol

  • DorsetUKDorsetUK Posts: 441

    Thank you Dorcas.  I've been using dustbins for some years and fill them with the runoff from various sources BUT I never thought of turning the lids upside down.  I should have done as I have one waterbutt and I turn that lid upside down and keep it full for the birds!

  • Whatever you get Madge, remember that you need to get a watering can underneath the tap, so it needs to be on a base of some kind.  You can buy a suitable base with many of them, but those often cost nearly as much as the butt itself!  I made a base using several layers of breeze blocks.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • I got mine one by one from waterbutts direct and now have 6 different size space savers, most linked together.

    I'm very happy with them and the serviceimage

    Someone once got me a cheap one from a diy store but it didn't last two years. The tap had to be tightened on the insideimage and I had to weigh the lid down as the attachments were so poor it would frisbee across the garden in the wind.

    All that said, I still ran out of water last summerimage

    Wearside, England.
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