Cutting wet lawns?

So we purchased a Lawn mower in May and by July it was broken. We now have a very VERY overgrown garden front and back.

Whilst I have no hope of getting into the back and strimming all the lawn with it being waterlogged and flooded, the front is higher up and not so bad but the grass is ridiculously long. Though it is lush, thick and a lovely green.

Can I strim it whilst wet without problems (elec strimmer) or do I have to wait now till warmer and dryer weather? Our front looks unsightly compared to the neoughbours and we don't want to be shunned for being untidy newcomers to the street! image 



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    If you are not bothered what it looks like afterwards-then do it now-be prepared to get a bit mucky.

    Just try not to strim/cut it too short

  • I can stand the mess, I just don't want to damage the grass is all and I was concerned it was too wet here in the Midlands.

    I will see what the weather is like on the weekend.

    Thank you for your fast reply. 

  • Norm2Norm2 Posts: 86
    ThePotsmith wrote (see)

    we don't want to be shunned for being untidy newcomers to the street! image 

     May be a bit late for that  now, if you havent cut it since julyimage  you should be ok but it may look a bit ragged, go easy, the problem with cutting more than a third off at any one time is it shocks the grass, however as the temps are dropping the grass growth will have slowed now, best to put a mower on your xmas wish list.
  • No I didn't Verdun, it's still sat in the Garage with a broken blade and its £18 for a new blade that was just one of them things "I will get round too" and never actually got around too! image

    Perhaps I can strim just a 1/3 off before the frosts next week to try to make it look tidier?

  • Norm2Norm2 Posts: 86

    Got too ask how on earth did you manage to break the blade on a new mower?

  • Yes its a new mower from B&Q: We don't know what damaged it, we were mowing the lawn and it made a strange clunk noise and we checked and the blade is sat on the underneath and bent quite badly.

    Silly thing is that there were no rocks, sticks, or anything for it to hit. No toys, no bumps in the soil... completely baffling.  I would take it back to B&Q but my nearest depot is quite far away and I am 8months pregnant now so struggle to get behind the wheel of my car! image

  • It was back in May! I have a printed out receipt from emails back and forth complaining about it it's just getting to the nearest store that's a problem.  Unfortunately we are new to the area and do not know anyone here to ask.

    The weather is supposed to settle from tomorrow and then a freezing snap coming this weekend so hopefully I can strim on the Saturday before the temperatures get too low.

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