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Growing Melons in greenhouse

Hi , what sweet melon do you recommend for growing in a greenhouse ? managed to get 2 off 2 plants last year , can't remember the type , and tbh didn't know what I was doing,any advice anyone ? thx (live in s.yorks)


  • Hi image

    minnesota midget seems to be a favorite, there are some bred specifically for cooler climates now, might be worth having a look for those.

    Havent grown any for a good few years, pretty sure the ones i grew back when i had my allotments were just cantaloupe, wouldnt have been anything posh! I treadte them like squash or cucumbers, very rich soil, lots of water and lots of sun, vaguely remember giving them a weekly tomato feed too.

    Growing minnesota midget this year as i was given some seeds via the seed swap on here, really looking forward to that smell, as good as eating the melon! image
  • Hi I bought some seeds for a variety called musk which are apparently suited to uk growing, think they're james Wong seeds. It will be a new experience for me so fingers crossed!

  • I tried watermelons sold as seeds and claimed to give a result a few years ago. The patch looked as if it got littered by green golf balls image. The birds loved them though. 

  • thanks for your replies,the 2 I grew smelled lush but not very tasty i'll try harder this year

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 1,062

    I grew Outdoor Wonder last year but in the greenhouse not outdoors. I only got 4 melons from 6 plants though but they were very tasty.

  • smosssmoss Posts: 3

    I grew charentais melons last year in my greenhouse & the fruit we had was so sweet & tasty.  I ad two plants, one side did better than the other, and as the melons grew I hang mesh underneath them to take the weight (like a hammock)

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