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Dilemma - Broads or peas?

Hi all,

Advice please.  I am new to veg gardening and I have a raised bed 1x1 metre plot (part of a 3x1m), and am undecided as to whether to plant broad beans or peas?  ideally it would be what would give me the best harvest.  

Thanks in advance.


  • Which do you like eating best?  Broad beans are quite handsome plants, with decorative flowers (white /black or crimson in some varieties) They don't generally need support unless it is a very windy situation. Taller varieties would give you more pods, but shorter ones might fit your bed better. Peas do need support, for the shorter ones twiggy sticks are sufficient, while taller ones need a tent of netting to grow up, or tying in to a wigwam of poles or canes. They would give you the advantage of a longer picking season if you sowed some seed at intervals and/or chose an early and a late variety. You could also try one that can be eaten as a mange-tout or left to develop filled pods. You can't buy really fresh peas anywhere and they are a real treat!

  • Thank you Buttercupdays. Peas it is image.

  • Sorry to be a pain in the bum, i totally agree with what buttercups said, nothing better than peas fresh from the pod, but pea moth has been a real problem for me, maggotty peas in almost all the pods, i reccomend using fleece or very fine mesh if you go with peas image
  • I'd got with green beans lol. Love 'em to bits image

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,336

    Peas for me every time! image My favourite veg but they don't store well - which is why 'fresh' peas from the market never taste as good as the ones you grow yourself.

    Nothing beats eating raw peas picked straight from the plant & they are good in salads.  I also use some of the young green growth (pea shoots) in salads and the empty pods can be used to flavour stocks (I think you can even use the pods to make soup if they are young and tender enough). And, of course, you can always make pea pod wine ... 

    I use the lower growing varieties and shove some twiggy prunings in as I sow . They keep pigeons and cats off the new shoots and give the peas something to scramble up as they grow.

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  • Thanks all.  Appreciate your advice.

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995

    What about both?  Five broadbean plants will give you enough for a quiche every weekend or to add into a salad blanched.  Peas are wonderfully yummy too.. grow a few varities for all summer eating, different ones produce at different times.  I like the types that can be eaten early in the pod, then later on shelled.   

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