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About a week ago three garlic cloves in the kitchen started to grow green shoots. So I planted them into a pot. The shoots are still green, but didn't grow in height since. I've tried to ease one of the cloves out, but it was very solid embedded in the soil, so I didn't want to annoy it, as I think it may have started growing roots. The pot is on the window sill in my living room at the moment. Do you think I may be able to grow garlic that way? And when, if at all, should I take the pot outside? 



  • Thanks Edd image That's pretty much what my garlics look like. They haven't died yet, So that must be a good sign. (Vampires, here I come image )

  • Yep...the garlic cloves defo grew roots. I just couldn't resist and took one out. Hope it'll forgive my intrusion. Now...if at all then when should I move the pot outside? I thinks it's still too cold or not? 

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    I've got about 40 growing on my windowsill, moved them on to bigger pots at the weekend and they had loads of roots. I was planning to wait a bit and put them outside for a few hours on nice days until they get use to it before planting them out around the end of March. I think garlic is hardy, but if they have grown up indoors it won't hurt to get them use to being outside slowly.

  • That's a good point, GemmaJF, thanks. I think these ones started growing in the supermarket lol. You have 40 of them growing??? WOW! Just one more question...(crikey, do I feel stupid now lol) do garlic grow below ground or will they grow bulbs just like a flower? And when can I harvest them? (Providing this works out)

  • Apparently garlic needs a cold spell in order to split into individual cloves?!?

  • How cold the spell, Kelsbels? 

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    They are completely hardy, they can be planted out now if the ground isn't frozen. I planted mine in November and they are all up.

    " do garlic grow below ground or will they grow bulbs just like a flower"

    I do not understand what you have written Willowkitten. Yes, garlic grow underground and yes, they grow a bulb like a flower.

    You will be able to harvest in about July when the foliage dies off.
  • Thanks Welshonion, I only asked because I only know garlic from buying it. I never grew it, I just thought ..."hmmm...the grow something green so they probably want soil" planted them and since I'm wondering about it. I just don't know if the 'fruit' is on the to or below ground (like potatoes) that's all. 

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    Hi Willow, This is my first year at growing my own veg, And the first thing i have started with is Garlic, I frist planted mine in a cool propigator in the house (as like your's my kitchen bough stuff started to grow) within a few days all 23/24 had grown shoots and were just about to touch the top of the propigator, so they got planted out on the 7th Feb. no. 24 was left in for a bit extra time - he is now bigger than everyone else... he was planted on the 14th, all seem to be happy outside, and tbh all i have done is watered them once.

    This was them a few days after being planted in seed propigator:


    In this photo you can see that no. 24 hasn't grown compaired to rest, so was given an extra week.



    This is all the garlic planted out, you can see how fast no. 24 grew and is now the biggest one of all.



     I was told that the garlic like it when its cold as helps them taste better? but not sure yet when they will be ready but i'm delighted with them so far. I was told (after i planted them) that they like to be on raised rows - but i have left mine as don'et want to disturb them. Hope this helps you a little - but i'm still learning.

    Wish you good luck with the success of your garlic, with all the experts on here should keep beginers like us on the right track.


  • comp13comp13 NorthamptonPosts: 58

    Hi guys do you think it is too late to start my garlic now?

    Amateur vegetable gardener with dreams of a bigger garden one day. 
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