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Homegrown Wedding Flowers

Hi all

Last October I came to this forum to ask advice about helping a dear friend of mine by growing some flowers for her tables at her wedding in June 2015.

Well - as a complete novice gardener, I was quite proud of myself with my little PVC greenhouse and seedlings coming along nicely (gyp, sweetpeas, candytuft, larkspur, cornflowers, love in the mist).

Then the winds came!!! image

My little greenhouse got knocked over and the seedlings scattered I tried to salvage what I could....then it happened again (even after anchoring it down with tent pegs) and with more force - the cover was shred to pieces and one of the metal legs was misshaped! image

After a month or two of me calming down about that (and being super busy with Christmas/baby/work/starting a home business) I have decided to start again.

This time,I am not using the greenhouse (not got a replacement cover for it anyway. But I have a few windowsill trays. 

I have started (today) with sweetpeas and gyp (bride has now decided that she would only like white flowers.


Any tips? Any other (white) flower suggestions that are easy for a newbie? (that flower in June) Any plug plants I should be on the look out for and when should I buy those?


Thanks for sticking with my long-winded post!!imageimage



  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,245

    White cosmos, larkspur, stocks and anntirhinums perhaps? 

    I might also consider some greenery. I don't know if some of the foliage plants used in hanging baskets would be suitable for any of your decorations? - plugs of those are starting to appear now in the GCs. 

    Better luck this time! image

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  • Hi Amy image

    Its soooo gutting when that happens! Weve all been there i promise image

    You might still have time to plant ranunculus corm thingys, i think Kate Middleton had those in her bouquet along with lily of the valley.

    Foxgloves could look nice for larger displays, you would have to buy plants or maybe a lovely person on here will have some seedlings they could donate image

    Dont forget your foraging, there will be an abundance of blossom still around in early June (not sure when the day is!)

    Cow parsley or a cultivated varied will be good at this time of year, if it fails there will be tons to pinch from hedgerows!image

    What about daises, oxeye ones will flower whenever they can and until the frosts

    Violets/ pansies are quick to grow too

    Alpine mint is another good one, you would have get a plant because it wouldnt have time to grow from seed.

    Good luck image
  • Amy, ive just sat down with the crocus catalogue, theyve got trollus 'alabaster' in there which looks just the thing image
  • I just googled for white flowers and found "Diamond Frost". From what I see, they could drape in the bouquet. I'm sure somebody a lot more experienced will know more about this plant. 

  • Sarah Raven has nice shows of cut flowers

    Take a look in GC for plug plants in a while

    Hampshire Gardener
  • I have some digitalis seeds which flower a creamy white and the plant is perennial and multi stemmed. If you want to try it pm me. I can't guarantee you'll have flowers but if you start now you might have some ready in time.

    Don't forget that you could still buy 3-4 bunches of white flowers and then have a couple of each spaced out in your table decorations, add your greenery and then any more flowers.

    I was going to suggest white cosmos like Topbird and you could also try cleome, aquilegia, agapanthus, scabious, verbascum, ammi majus, nigella

    And checkout Gardengirls recommendation as there are also seedlings and plants available.

    Don't forget to check out places like B&Q, they always have a reduced rack tucked away and you may find some bargains.


  • Thank you so much for all of your comments! Just going through them now. 


    Oh my gosh that Sarah Raven website is amazing! So helpful!


    another bit from the GW home page a few whit flowers there

    That is good you found the link useful,  I want to buy that collection to try

    Hampshire Gardener
  • About to call it a night but will carry on googling all of your suggestions.


    Just wondering - Lily of the Valley is the bride's birth you think I could grow these in little pots to put around the venue or on the tables?

    The wedding is on the 20th June.

  • Lily of the valley can be a tricky little blighter, grows like a weed for some, disapears as soon as others plant it! Such a special plant, its defenately worth a go. Best grown from an established clump if you can find someone who has one image
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