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Wrong plant wrong place

When I moved into my current house I had two Pampas next to each other. They initially stopped people using my garden as a shortcut. Once the perimeter hedges I planted had grown, they were no longer needed as a barrier. I dug one up and left the other. It had been left for over 5 years so I cut back lovingly for two years in an attempt to tidy it up. I have now seen sense and realised that the Pampas was too big for its space, especially as it was planted very close to a wall and was not able to spread it's wings. Sadly my Pampas is no more and has filled my wheelie bin. Is the moral of this story to remove the wrong plant wrong place at the earliest opportunity or is to let things live, even if it's not forever? I will leave you all to ponder....


  • Im afraid my heart rules my head, i always give it a go, often regret it, but thats the beauty with gardening, nothing is permenent image
  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    To provide privacy and windbreaks I rammed all sorts of fast growing shrubs in this garden 15yrs ago, all too close together and they didn't even look good together, but they served a purpose and over the last few years I've been removing and replacing most of them but pleased I had them image

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