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Wrong plants sent by mail order

Does it only happen to me?

Every year it is the same- I pay a premium price for a new variety, or a double variety, a new colour variation or a dwarfed "special improved " plant.

After growing them on and caring for them for months they come into flower and, guess what, the promised plants are just the same old varieties that have been around for years!

I have been nurturing 30 "Glorious Lilac Lace" primula plugs since October, eagerly anticipating the blooms. Today they started flowering, and without exception, they are standard gold lace polyanthus. (Grrr! - I already have about 20 large clumps of these in my garden, and certainly wouldn't have wanted any more of them).

The Customer Services rep tried to tell me that they might change colour later on!! Who is she kidding!

These came from the same company that last year sold me double cranberry cosmos that were not double and not cranberry either!



  • Once bitten, twice shy here - that's the last they'd see of my money image

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  • As per the sales of goods act 1979 , the goods must match the description when advertised for sale. Failure to comply, is a breach of this act. Ask for a refund, quoting the above and if no response advise that you will seek reimbursement via small claims. I often find quotation of the sales of goods act usually does the trick image

  • Thank you Bluebell - I will quote this when I talk to the "garden advisor" on Wednesday. 

    And "yes" Dove - I am the mug - . they ripped me off last year and I have let them do exactly the same again! 

    Why do I always fall for the pictures in the catalogue!

    They definitely won't get any more orders!

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,009

    Good advice form Bluebell.   You can also name and shame them on as many garden forums as you can be bothered to find - in the spirit of saving others from a rip off.

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  • I've no idea whether these were the suppliers in question, but at tleast these two pictures show a distinct difference between the two types. 




    I'd take and print some photographs of yours and get them signed and dated on the back by an independent witness that they're what is flowering in your garden, then you have evidence for the Small Claims Court. image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,574

    Bakkers in particular have misleading photos. Colours touched up to the level of lurid. Blue roses that turn out to be mauve. A shrub border shown all in flower, when in reality they flowered in different months....and dont forget the pink pampas that looked like it belonged in Barbies garden.

  • I was caught out exactly like this last year. I spent ages nurturing some bare root geraniums which were supposedly "Splish Splash". When they flowered they were plain pale pink which I have plenty of already. I did get my money refunded when I complained but with the rather barbed statement "Most of our customers are very happy with our service" which made me think that they felt it was unreasonable of me to expect my plants to be exactly what I was sold!

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  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Bakkers and Parkers both lie all the time!  Their catalogues go straight in the bin, and I would not buy from them if their plants were free!  Rotten iris, wrong plants, dead plugs - had 'em all!   Stick to reputable companies - and there are some very good ones out there - and you won't be disappointed.  Specialist nurseries are invaluable if you want a particular type of plant, as they grow only a few types and give them all their attention.

    Sorry about you mishaps, but learn this time, don't use them again!!

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