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Should I level my garden?


I'm getting a new patio in April and will also look to re-turf the remaining garden.  I’m debating whether it is worth levelling my garden prior to this?  I’m not even sure it is feasible so I’m after some advice. 

I can’t build up the right side as A) the garden level will start a foot above the bottom of the fence and B)  our heads will also be above the top of the fence.

If I excavated the right hand side then it would be very time consuming and expensive.

Any ideas people?





  • Where is your patio going to be? It looks like most of your garden is level apart from the far two sides. If you are going to have borders on those two sides, it isn't worth levelling as once the plants are in and growing, the fence will be hidden and your eye won't be drawn to it.

  • I would add trees/shrubs around the fence to add height to disguise the differences in height. Tall plants where the fence is lowest and smaller ones where it is highest. I would also move the shed to the top left hand side to get it out of the way.

  • Sam 6Sam 6 Posts: 17

    The paito will run the width of our house where the old path goes out of shot.  The right hand side of the path slightly slopes to the left.  The left side of the path slopes quite severely.  It looks worse in real life.

  • Sam 6Sam 6 Posts: 17

    I was thinking getting a new shed and positioning it at the end of the garden on the it's more level on that side.

  • I would add the shed to the left and level the ground as it will fool the eye that the land is more level than it is. Adding more height to the left makes the garden look top heavy and focus on those houses to the left instead of a internal feature.

  • I levelled a previous garden, with a slope back left to front right, by essentially removing the earth and hard landscaping - it was around a foot lower at the back and around 15 ton of earth was removed!  and it wasn't even a large garden (11m long by 8m wide).

    I would recommend lots of human, or some mechanical (mini-digger?), help  otherwise it is rather time consuming and a lot of effort.

    The results were worth it though, it looked and felt SO much better.

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