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Mail order plant catalogues

I have just discovered that Thompson & Morgan, The Vernon Geranium Nursery, Van Meuwen and Rainbow Flowers and Gifts are all owned and operated by the same company, Branded Garden Products Limited.  Like so many others,I peruse the constant stream of mail-order plant catalogues,believing they are individual nurseries.  Seems I am wrong and they are all just one big company.  Very disconcerting.


  • I mainly use the smaller firms, Chiltern and the Real Seed Company for seeds and Woottens for perennials, and specialist growers like Peter Beales for roses and Taylors for clematis etc.  I find I get better plants and much more enjoyable service from them rather than T&M and the like.  image

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  • I agree perlesgirl. I discovered last year that Marshalls, who I'd always used for vegetable seeds and had assumed were an independent company were actually in the same group as Unwins, who I never really rated very highly, so now my loyalty to Marshalls is definitely wavering!

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